• Wee Care… because we are Creative. In Open Learning, we express Piagetian principles of learning in imaginative and thought-provoking contexts.

  • Wee Care… because we have Character. Our children are taught in a warm, sincere and affirming environment that encourages their growth and independence.

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Welcome to the website for the Wee Care Group Singapore. We hope that you will find what you are looking for. Please browse through the information that we have set out about our company, our centres and our programmes. We provide early childhood, creative enrichment and early intervention programmes in Singapore. We stand for being Caring, Competent, Creative, Communicative, Sincere and Trustworthy. We have Character! You can make an enquiry about any of our programmes using our Online Enquiry Form. Or contact us on +65-6836-1450 or at our centre.

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