About US

Mission, Vision, Value Statements

Our mission statement is an expression of what we believe and practise every day at Wee Care.

Wee Care’s Mission

is to give all children an equal opportunity to learn in a safe and secure environment so as to graduate as confident, capable, articulate and creative individuals with a clear, strong sense of self and purpose.

Wee Care’s Vision

is to be the leading provider of `best-practice’ services in early childhood education and early intervention in Singapore, Asia and Africa.

Wee Care’s Values

At Wee Care, we:

CARE: we show concern, love and attention for the well-being of each and every individual child;

are COMPETENT: we engage in expert, professional and best-practice pedagogical approaches in early childhood education and early intervention;

have CHARACTER: we are sincere, honest and trustworthy in the way we work and the relationships that we have with each other;

COMMUNICATE: we establish kind, open and responsive channels of interaction between each other and the children and families in our schools;