About Us

Pedagogical Approach

Learn Through Play

At Wee Care, we believe that play is the best way to teach and to learn. Play however, comes in many different forms, and it also requires highly responsive and engaging play partners.

Type of Play

Pretend Play

Sensorial Play

Constructive Play

Art & Craft

Kinesthetic Play

Dramatic Play

Experiential Play

Social / Co-operative Play

Life Skills

The main goals in Life Skills are to encourage our children to acquire important and adaptive competencies in caring for themselves and others. Weekly topics change, and incorporate fun and hands-on activities in cleaning, washing, dressing and cooking. Take a look below!


Project work enriches children’s dramatic play, construction, painting and drawing by relating them to real life experiences. They will also have many opportunities in their projects to apply basic Math and Language skills furthering the knowledge that they acquire through systematic instruction.Young children are curious learners and the Project Approach allows the children to have an in-depth study of a given topic of interest. We start the Project with plenty of hands-on experience, using these as launch pads to inspire them to actively seek knowledge. They are also continuously interacting with their friends and teachers. These interactions encourage the children to be independent and motivated thus also increasing their self-esteem.