Acacia Projects


The acacia tree is one of the largest species of trees in the world with more than 800 different types growing in warm, tropical and desert-like regions around the world. It is a useful tree. In the 1700s, its sturdy branches and durable trunk made it an invaluable resource for building ships. These days, its wood is used to make flooring, furniture, jewellery and toys. The “gum Arabic” is used in adhesives, some medicines and as a thickening agent in frozen desserts. Its seeds can be eaten raw or ground and added to sauces. Furthermore, the essential oils from the tree’s blossoms can be used in perfumes. Giraffes and cattle love to chew on its leaves!

Like the acacia tree, Wee Care’s Acacia arm is intended to be a versatile and organic means by which the company can provide resources for training and equipping teachers and preschools in the developing world. Since 2005, Wee Care has been involved in playschool, slum school and mountain school projects in the North India portion of the Himalayas. It has also been involved in training teachers and/or raising funds for specific preschool or village school projects in Singapore and further afield in Malaysia, Timor Leste and Cambodia.

We value the support that we receive from Wee Care parents in these projects and continue to embrace the values of Care, Competence, Character, Communication and Creativity when seeking to provide tangible support to others. Please peruse these pages and let us know if you would like to make a contribution in any way! We thank you in advance for your generosity, kindness and involvement!