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Having a Baby Again

by Denise Lai, BA, BSocSc (Hons), MEd So it should be common knowledge by now… a decade after welcoming our first child into a lovely British hospital in Hong Kong, Nicholas and I are… sigh… expecting again. The last I wrote about pregnancy, I was youthful and completely idealistic. (Until of course, the worst of […]

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Labour: An Enjoyable Experience?

This article was first published in Motherhood magazine in August 1996. Putting pen to paper after the birth of your baby is not only a good way to ‘relive’ the experience, but also to preserve it for other family members – and for your baby to read when he grows up. Denise shares with us […]

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Being Parents

This article was first published in Baby Plus magazine, Volume 1 (c. 1995) Parenthood begins the minute a couple finds out they are expecting! And regardless of whether the man and his wife are “first-timers” or veterans in the art of child-raising, the news of an approaching birth can stir up an entire range of […]

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