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Learning Math in the Preschool Years

I am not sure if Mathematics and poor teachers go together but all of the “bad” teachers I have had – or maybe these are the ones I can recall – were Math teachers. One teacher taught me between the ages of 10 and 11 years. I was terrified of her. She would scream at students who talked in her lessons. Once, she threw my classmates’ exercise books out of the window and they had to retrieve it from the car park below.

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Taking a Stand Part 2: Homework Hysteria

One of the problems with the way meritocracy is applied in the Singapore context is what happens in daily classroom life as a result. In the last newsletter, I outlined how even supposedly “holistic” ventures such as projects and extra-curricular activities in Singapore schools are platforms for performativity (to borrow Professor Stephen’s Ball’s term for […]

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Assessing Quality in Early Childhood Care and Education

Quality indicators in the early childhood environment include structural factors such as a higher adult-child ratio and specialized training. At least eight research studies between 1979 and 1995 have documented that such factors are related to a positive and stimulating classroom environment. Process factors also influence the quality of early childhood education and care. For […]

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Writing… Technologically!

Previously, we highlighted that the Project Approach with Multiliteracies (or PAM) will allow our children to explore the limitless possibilities of technology in the classroom. It will involve our children developing the complex skills of seeking, selecting, rationalizing, and finally, creating new information from (newfound!) knowledge. Importantly, technological advancements include variations in how knowledge can […]

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The Project Approach with Multiliteracies (PAM)

by Denise Lai, BA, BSocSc (Hons), MEd As announced during our recent Parent-Teacher Conferences, Wee Care will incorporate the pedagogical framework of Multiliteracies into The Project Approach component with effect from January 2010. No one would dare argue that globalization has wrought profound effects in many facets of human life. Politically, nation-states acknowledge the growing […]

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