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A Theory of Mind

by Julie Maynard, M.Sc. (Applied Behaviour Analysis) “When my brother Remi and I played Hide & Seek, I remember winning all the time. His favourite hiding place was under his bed. When I had finished counting to 10, I would head straight to his bedroom. Remi would be on all fours, hiding only his head […]

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If Your Child Has Behaviour Problems

by Julie Maynard, M.Sc. (Applied Behaviour Analysis) All children display behaviour problems at some stage of their life or other. In this article, Julie Maynard discusses the various options available to parents on how behaviour problems in young children may be effectively and ethically addressed. It is not unusual for children to display problem behaviours […]

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Beyond Buzzwords: Evidence-Based Practices

by Vera Bernard-Opitz, Ph.D. (reprinted with permission) The term “Evidence-Based Practices” has become a buzzword in conferences, articles and educational settings for children with autism, indicating that treatment should be based on methods with confirmed scientific evidence combined with clinical expertise. It clearly makes sense to develop guidelines to filter out questionable treatments, which give […]

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Why Home Therapy?

In February 2000, my son, M, was diagnosed with autism. We started him on behaviour and speech therapy in Singapore, but soon found ourselves in North Carolina, the USA, where my husband had been posted for work purposes.

In North Carolina, M was enrolled in a statewide programme called TEACHH where he shared the classroom with a number of other autistic children of a specific age-range. In the classroom, every child was given a workstation to begin a task, in accordance with a row of pictures (the visual schedule). Work was to be done alone and independently, and once the task was completed, the child had to refer to the next picture and then move on to the next workstation.

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The Purpose of the Developmental Assessment

This article was first published in the Because We Care newsletter of June 2002.   “My son can’t talk! Should I do something about it?” “My daughter’s teacher says she is restless in class. But I think she’s bored. What should I do?”   A Developmental Assessment is an examination of the young child’s growth and […]

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