@ Sunter Jakarta Highlights

We are reading books about Occupations this term. The children will acknowledge some “unusual” professions like a beeman, a paperboy, a gymnast, a jackhammer and a bridge painter. Here are some of the interesting extension activities that we will be engaged in:

  • We will be working out at the Rockstar Gym, where we will try the gym, the baby dance programme (for 2-3 yo) and also “Rockstrike”, a segment about martial arts-cardio (for 4-6 yo). We will meet a professional gymnast, a dance teacher and a teacher of martial arts too.
  • The children will celebrate Independence Day by playing traditional Indonesian games such as Tug of War, Fish Catching, Watermelon Eating and Water Balloon Burst.
  • There will also be a fire-drill exercise incorporating water play – how fun!
  • During the last week of term, the children will visit KIA Motor to see some real mechanics at work.

Please join us for an enriching time! Look out for our new programme, “Fun Starts,” a premium play-based preschool programme in Bahasa Indonesia as well! More details will be released very soon!