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Address: 56 Tanglin Road, #02-03 Tanglin Post Office, Singapore 247964

Tel: +65-6836-1450

Email: enquiries@weecare.com.sg

Do drop by for a visit. Special arrangements may be made through a telephone or email appointment.


We have fully-equipped classrooms for individual work plus a spacious playroom for group sessions. There is a roof garden for children to play and run around in, as well as outdoor gazebos for sand- and water-play plus gardening and Project/Science activities.


Admission and Programmes

Please contact the Administrator of the Tanglin Road centre at +65-6836-1450 if you wish to:

  • Register for a Parent-Child PlayGroup or the Bright Starts, Head Starts or Great Starts
  • Preschool Programme
  • Register for a Holiday Programme or Primer Programme
  • Register for a Special Event
  • Make an appointment for an evaluation for admission into any of our Behavioural & Educational Therapy Programmes
  • Book a slot for a Developmental Assessment

Alternatively, you may wish to email us with your enquiries or use our Online Enquiry Form.