@ Tanglin Highlights

Event Highlights / T3, 2015

This term, our children in Bright Starts, Great Starts and Head Starts will be introduced to the stories of Tony Ross. The author and illustrator is known for his delightful pictures, humorous renderings and imaginative re-tellings of popular stories. Some of the stories that we will be featuring at Wee Care Tanglin include, “The Musicians of Bremen”, “Don’t Do That!”, “Sweet Porridge” and “Hippospotamus”.

Here are some of our key highlights for the term:

Food Preparation in Life Skills

The children will make “Polka-Dotted Fruit Pizzas” (after reading Tony’s story, “Hippospotamus”) and a Yummy Multigrain Congee (after reading “Sweet Porridge”). There will be lots of chopping, stirring and mixing to engage in!

5th Aug 2015: A Visit to the Esplanade Theatre 

After reading, “The Musicians of Bremen”, we will be visiting the Esplanade Theatre to learn about the science behind acoustics.

19th Aug 2015: A Visit to Je T’aime Perfumery at Goodman Arts Centre 

After reading, “Don’t Do That!”, we will be visiting Je T’aime Perfumery and meeting Prachi who will teach us more about olfaction and our sense of smell!

28th Aug 2015: Project Outing to the Open Farm Community

At the Open Farm Community, our children will get to see how tomatoes grow in our local climate!

Annual Parent – Teacher Meetings 

Parent-Teaching Meetings for 2015 will be held on the following dates:

  • 13th Aug 2015  – Head Starts II
  • 20th Aug 2015  – Head Starts I
  • 27th Aug 2015  – Bright Starts III
  • 3rd Sept 2015  – Bright Starts I
  • 17th Sept 2015  – Bright Starts II