Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group Therapy sessions at Wee Care seek to provide opportunities for children to learn in more naturalistic contexts. Children are streamed into the specific programme and level based on their needs and developmental profiles.

For example, Time to Talk is a good starting point for children who are ready to acquire and apply linguistic concepts in a play- and experience-oriented environment.

The Social Skills Playgroup programme incorporates segments of music & movement, storytelling, sensorial activities, pretend play and group games to achieve important goals in social language, social play and social interaction.

Kidz Club is the highest-level programme where neurotypical buddies engage with our special children as peer mentors. Learning objectives in Kidz Club focus on developing and enhancing perspective-taking abilities and a Theory of Mind.

Upon graduating from Kidz Club, children are encouraged to enrol in Wee Care’s mainstream English Speech & Drama programme to further enhance and hone their skills in social thinking and pragmatic communication.

Please peruse the specific pages relating to these programmes and contact your nearest Wee Care centre for more information.