Center based therapy

Center Based Therapy

The centre-based individual therapy sessions take place at Wee Care in a welcoming and fun environment that encourages social interactions and learning. Our therapy rooms comprise a variety of toys, a selection of books, as well as the relevant learning and key therapy materials. This structured environment is tailored to promote the child’s adaptive abilities, encourage his learning and maximise his progress. This format can be a complement of home-based intervention. Centre-based sessions tend to allow more control over the environment and consequently result in a reduction in potential distractors, which foster increased rates of learning. Moreover, during centre-based therapy sessions, there are opportunities for additional direct supervision opportunities with therapists and consultants who work on-site.

The in-house setting creates multiple possibilities for additional social skills generalization in an environment less familiar than home. It allows social interactions and imitation of adaptive peer behaviours. For higher functioning children, in-site therapy may offer the opportunity to follow selected classroom routines. This might increase the possibilities of successful transitions to mainstream school.