Creative Movement

Every lesson in this programme incorporates a Creative Movement with a Fundamental Movement Skill. In other words, every week, the children in this programme learn a Motor Skill, plus engage in movements with a more creative, dramatic, imaginary flair. For instance, we may focus on the joint topics of Bouncing and Emotions. Can you bounce a ball happily, sadly, fearfully…?

We know that some children have kinesthetic styles of learning that they can express to the fullest in these lessons. But importantly too, the children become capable at the physical level and they build their self-esteem and a strong sense of self in the process. At the same time, they start to work with each other in a cooperative manner, like sitting in a circle to bounce a ball to each other (a.k.a. following the rules of the game) and/or picking up a ball and passing it to a peer who has dropped it. They cultivate better attention, as when they have to focus on the teacher to observe what the technique to practise and master is. The creative aspects of movement can help a child realize that human communication and expression can take other forms, not just visual or auditory ones.

This is one of the biggest benefits to the Creative Movement class. Human experience extends beyond mere words and if we can build this understanding in our children, they are far more likely to develop into appreciative, empathetic and sensitive individuals in the long-term. We certainly hope you agree!