Since 2005, Wee Care has been actively involved in supporting play school, slum school and mountain school projects in the North India portion of the Himalayas. This support has taken the form of site visits, training workshops for teachers and parents, art and drama lessons for the children as well as, one year, a Health Camp that emphasized the importance of good hygiene, regular exercise and a balanced diet!

Fast forward to 2015 and each of these school projects has grown significantly. Our partners on the ground continue to look for new settings in which we can make a valuable contribution to the education and care of young children and their families. These include the planting of more mountain schools. Although accessibility and the scarcity of resources (both tangible and in human resources) continue to constitute sizeable challenges to good intentions, the effective school models that we have established are likely to prove compelling and effective in the long-term. Often, key individuals from neighbouring villages or mountain vicinities will approach our partners to ask for assistance in setting up similar schools/preschools in their areas.