Parent Toddler Playgroup Singapore

Parent-Toddler PlayGroup

Playgroup in Singapore

Wee Care’s Parent-Toddler PlayGroup builds on the foundations established in the Parent-Infant PlayGroup programme. For new children, it is an opportunity to explore, discover and learn about themselves and the world in which they live.

Parents at Wee Care are encouraged to participate in the learning activities each week as the importance of adult input in increasing a child’s level of development continues to be emphasised. In turn, our team of specialist educators facilitate in the development of the social bonds that are required for motivated, directed and purposeful play.


The Parent-Toddler PlayGroup programme continues to build on the child’s ability to relate socially with others. Toddlers are encouraged to interact with their peers and by 2 years old, many of them appear to be more self-confident and articulate. They also seem to be able to focus on learning tasks better, and to process the physical and social environments in a more organised fashion.

All these will prepare and enable them to take the big step forward to the next level of learning in the Bright Starts programme. This is a preschool programme that helps young children to develop pre-academic abilities, social skills, emotional intelligence and independence.


The Parent-Toddler PlayGroup programme encourages toddlers to learn through structured play activities via exploration, manipulation and discovery. A weekly theme provides the backdrop for learning goals and activities that vary from week to week. Typically, a Parent-Toddler PlayGroup session involves the following:

  • Welcome and Music Time
  • Stations for Structured Learning, including imaginative play and thinking skills to provide the child with individual attention in a group setting
  • Soft-Play and Multi-Sensory Learning for sensorimotor development
  • Snack and Circle Time for acquiring social scripts and interaction skills
  • Closing and Goodbye

Outdoor Play and Nature Time are available according to the theme for the week and when the weather permits.

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