Chinese Speech and Drama

The children in Chinese Speech & Drama learnt about Aesop’s Fables in Term 2. One fable was A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. The children watched Lyn Lao Shi and Renee Lao Shi as they dramatized the story of a wolf 狼 (láng) disguised as a sheep 羊 (yáng). Another fable was The Lion and The Mosquito. The mischievous mosquito 蚊子 (wénzi) taunted a lion 狮子 (shīzi) until it got itself accidentally entangled in a spider’s 蜘蛛 (zhīzhū) web! In The Lion and the Mouse, a lion 狮子 (shīzi) is rescued by a small hero – a mouse 老鼠(lǎoshǔ)!