Social Skills Playgroup


Wee Care’s Social Skills Playgroup programme is an innovative way to help special children learn skills that are required to function and adapt appropriately to social demands and settings. The primary focus of this programme is the development of the following skills:

  • Social Interactive skills such as eye-contact;
  • Social Communication skills such as greeting others and responding to social questions;
  • Social Play skills such as shared interest, peer imitation and turn-taking.

In addition, activities that develop creativity and spontaneity are incorporated regularly into the programme. All these enable the children to develop a broad range of abilities that are difficult to achieve through standard one-to-one and traditional forms of instruction.


Children who attend the Social Skills Playgroup programme have been observed to grow in their desire to relate socially with both adults and their peers.

In addition, appropriate forms of social behaviour such as sharing, waiting and taking turns develop whilst inappropriate ones decrease.


Hour-long sessions are conducted weekly at Wee Care. These often incorporate the use of visual schedules to redirect and manage a child’s impulses or behavioural acts of non-compliance and rigidities. Children are encouraged to move from learning centre to centre where objectives in social thinking, imaginative play and sensory/fine-motor skills are pursued.

Group games encourage skills in requesting, commenting, joint attention, social cooperation and imitation.



Parents and caregivers (up to a maximum of one adult per child) are encouraged to sit in on learning sessions so that generalisation and maintenance practice sessions can be conducted at home to supplement the school-based therapy sessions. Families who are consistent in this practice have seen significant progress in their children.


Each class can accommodate a maximum of seven (7) children who are led and facilitated by two (2) Wee Care educators.


Children who wish to be admitted into the Social Skills Playgroup programme must first attend a consultation with Wee Care’s Senior Therapist. This will enable the early intervention team to identify the children’s specific learning needs and subsequently place him/her into the appropriate class/group.

During the consultation, parents should provide all of the relevant and necessary information about their child’s diagnoses including reports by child psychologists where available.

Fees for this programme are as follows:

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