Home Buddy

Home Buddy

Wee Care’s Home Buddy programme revolves around an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for children with autism carried out in the home instead of at school. The main goal of the Home Buddy programme is to significantly increase the number of hours of therapy for the child without incurring a corresponding and significant increase in costs.

The early intervention team at Wee Care provides the consultation, curriculum and on-going supervision of the home programme whilst parents, family members and licensed Home Buddies take on the task of carrying out the programme regularly at home.


Given the ultimate goal of rehabilitation and integration into mainstream schools and adult life, the Home Buddy programme can contribute significantly to:

  • Intensive individualised therapy of up to five (5) hours a day at home;
  • Cost Savings when parents, domestic helpers, relatives, family friends and licensed Home Buddies help to carry out the therapy programme instead of professional and full-time therapists whose hourly rates are higher and whose teaching schedules are often fully-booked up;
  • Time-Savings and Convenience as parents no longer need to take the child to a school or centre several times a week.


This is crucial as the success of the Home Buddy programme depends on parent-involvement. Find out what Mrs Anne Sebastian did for her son as a parent.


Two things must happen concurrently:

  • First, the child must attend a consultation with Wee Care’s Senior Therapist. This will enable the early intervention team to identify the child’s specific learning needs and subsequently prepare the appropriate Individual Educational Plan (IEP). During the consultation, parents should provide all of the relevant and necessary information about their child’s diagnosis including any reports by child psychologists where available.
  • Second, the parent must have at least two (2) individuals who can be the child’s home teachers. One of these teachers should be a full-time Wee Care therapist. The second or subsequent home teacher should be a Wee Care accredited Home Buddy.

The Home Programme can start within three (3) weeks of the consultation. In the meantime, the early intervention team will assist parents with guidelines for the setting up of the work area at home. 



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