Student Care

Student care

Student Care at Wee Care, comes from the understanding that the typical Singaporean family’s weekend is spent shuttling the child to and fro various enrichment programmes. This means that there is less time to go on picnics, trips; less time to bond meaningfully.

We know that weekends are precious and time is limited. Our student care programmes aims to free up your weekends from all these shuttling, so that you can do the things that matter.

In partnership with a few carefully selected organisations, with a focus on inculcating good study habits that would last them for a lifetime. We are able to provide a holistic programme for our students. From the academic subjects like Chinese, English and Math to the non-academic ones like Art and Craft, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wei Qi (Go) and Heuristics / Logical thinking, we have it all under one roof.

Daily Book Club Discussion

(Chinese /English)

Chinese Tuition

Hua Yi Enrichment Centre

Multiple MOE partnerships – Punggol Primary, Nan Hua Primary, Tao Nan Primary


Go / Wei Qi

The Go Academy is the world’s oldest mental & strategic board game survived over few thousand years, practiced and proven by intellectuals from generations after generation.



Heuristics / Logical Thinking

Anzan Singapore

Anzan Mega Arithmetic Brain

Training Program as seen and used by numerous contestants in 最强大脑。

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Ground 23 BJJ

Vitor Riberio – BJJ Black Belt,

Australian Nationals Champion,

Abu Dhabi Trials and 2x

Pan Pacific Champion

Art and Craft

Mr Wee Che Min

MOE/NAC registered instructor