Shophouse Doors – An Outing for A Project on Doors

8th November 2012

As part of their Project on Doors, the children visited Emerald Hill in the Orchard Road area to observe the many kinds of traditional shophouse doors that the Peranakans used to have in the past. We wanted to compare these kinds of doors with some of the newer, more modern versions that had been installed in some of the refurbished units along the street.

Doors certainly have different functions and designs. Traditional shophouse doors have an additional set of “swing doors” placed before the main door. Some of these “swing doors” have ornamental carvings whilst others are plain and simple.

In addition, we observed that some doors were painted in bright colours, others in dark shades. The children came across a door that looked like a wall!

At the conclusion of the field-trip, the children drew and documented what they had seen and learnt about doors. We did get some very interesting and colourful interpretations of doors in these depictions.