A Project on Salt

The children enjoyed their Project explorations about Salt. They were able to compare and contrast different kinds of salt, even black salt from India!

Teacher Denise introduced Narrative Salt Art by getting the children to colour white salt before using the coloured grains to tell “stories” with. This was a good opportunity to review important narrative skills, the kind that will be required in the future when writing short stories in school. It was a good chance to overcome any forms of sensory defensiveness too, plus hone skills in fine-motor control and dexterity.

In addition, the children made individual dioramas to reflect their understanding about the water cycle and how salt is harvested from the sea. They learnt that salt is present in seawater, and that it is a common substance. In fact, they put seawater out to evaporate to determine if salt really is present in the liquid or not. Later, they “painted” with saltwater. The salt crystals left lovely pictures on the black paper after the water had dried.

To “wrap up” their understanding about salt, the children visited the Marina Barrage too, where they learnt the difference between seawater and fresh water. The guides showed us how Singapore acquires fresh water and how the gates operate whenever it rains. By draining the seawater back into the sea and replacing this with the rainwater that is falling, Singapore has successfully created a new reservoir! It was good that in the process, our children learnt why they can and should only drink fresh water.